Microsoft, a multinational technological corporation,  is one of the most famous technology giants in the world. It manufactures the complete suite of Microsoft software which stars a variety of applications, servers and services like MS Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Visio and OneNote. These are Microsoft's essential applications which are used in almost every work environment today.

It provides a better way to access information, and consequently, users can have greater insight, and they can manage most of their essential work with more productivity and in less time. Moreover, it improves individual productivity and enables more users to do their tasks in a more efficient manner.

To get your copy of MS Office, you need to go to

Get MS Office Suite at

If you have an existing Microsoft Office account, then you can just proceed by submitting the valid login credential. In case, if you do not have an existing Microsoft account, then create one. If you have your product key and you want to activate and set up Office, then you need to go to and install the setup. Just wait for some moments and the installation process will start automatically.

Office Setup Product Key

Firstly, you will be urged to fill in the MS Office setup Product Key.  Write in the 25-digit product key correctly in the requisite column and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Click on the "Agree: button when the Software Terms Microsoft Software License Terms surface on the screen. Tick the checkbox "I accept the terms of this agreement." After that, click on  ‘Continue.’  Pick Installation Option The subsequent screen will display the installation options for Microsoft Office. You have two alternatives to pick from: Install Now and Customize. Click on the "Install Now" button. If you click on the Customize button, you can select the Office applications which you want to install. It means that you can choose a few apps and discard the ones which you do not wish to. Installation Progress This will install Microsoft Office on your computer system. When you move to the Office installation process, a progress bar will be displayed revealing that MS Office is now getting installed on your device. This process may take several seconds to finish. - How to activate Microsoft Office?

Without activating the Microsoft Office setup, it is not possible to access its features. For activating Office, you need to follow these steps. Use any of the posted activation processes and activate your MS Office product on the computer. Just follow each and every given step and apply them on your computer without skipping.

Activation Step 1

  1. Once you are done with the download and install process of MS Office, you can progress through the activation process
  2. To do so, click on the Microsoft Office icon and the Office Activation Wizard window will pop-up.
  3. After that, enter the office setup product key in the given box.
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to conclude the activation process

Activation Step 2

  1. Move to the Start Menu
  2. Now click on the Control Panel.
  3. After that, click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ or ‘Programs and Features,’ depending on the operating system.
  4. Click on Microsoft Office and then click on the "Change" option.
  5. Pick the option:"Enter a Product Key."

After entering the 25 character alphanumeric product key via any of the two options mentioned above, click on "Continue." Visit the notification dialog, and then you will notice "Install Now"; click on it to start installing your Office product key. Now, you will see a bar displaying the installation process and wait for your Microsoft Office product to be configured successfully. After that, close the app, and then reboot the computer. Subsequently, you can follow the on-screen commands and execute the activation process.

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