Cool Tips for Effective Multitasking on Windows 10

Whether you are a computer geek or working on multiple projects at once, you must be opening multiple apps and other windows at once on your Windows 10 PC. Multitasking has become quite prevalent among tech users. Since devices nowadays are quick, one can easily do multiple tasks at a single time. Therefore, if you have a Windows 10 computer, you should know the different multitasking tools and features of the operating system to increase your productivity.

Windows 10 offers a number of features and options to make lives of multitaskers easer and more convenient. To get optimum digital multitasking experience, apply the tips and tricks given for Windows 10.

  1. Master the Trackpad Gestures

Apple’s MacBooks come with a number of trackpad gestures which makes it very convenient for users. With Windows 10, Microsoft also offers an array of trackpad gestures. Just tap once to either select any object or open any link. Two-finger tapping acts like the mouse’s right-click. In order to navigate the top and bottom of pages, windows, or screens, just use the two-finger vertical scroll. Other similar gestures are available for opening Cortana, launching the Action Center, switching between different virtual desktops, etc.

  1. Virtual Desktop

If your multi-tasking activity requires you to work on different applications, then you must use the virtual desktop. Simply systematize the toolbar on the desktop and sort out the open applications across different desktops as per your preference. Just click on the Task View option located in the taskbar. Select Add Desktop option located in the lower right-hand side to the new virtual desktop.

  1. Get an Additional Monitor

If you add another monitor to your Windows PC, then you will notice a significant boost in your productivity. Setting up the dual monitor is pretty easy in Windows 10. You can use your laptop as a secondary monitor. The additional monitor will enable you to expand the desktop, and you will get more area for open apps. In order to hook up an extra computer, just see if your primary Windows 10 PC comes with a DisplayPort, HDMI, or DVI port. You can also use splitter cables to connect different monitors to one port.

  1. Customize Mouse Settings for Multitasking

There are some tweaks you could make in the mouse and keyboard settings to make multitasking more effective and easier. For this, just head to the Settings app and click on Devices. Select Mouse and enable the “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” option. When you do this, you will be able to access different apps simultaneously since you will not have to click it to turn on scrolling.

Apply these effective tricks and tips to boost your multitasking experience on Windows 10.

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