Guide to Fortnite’s 14 days of Challenges, Events and Rewards

We have arrived at the Day 7 of the new Christmas themed challenges in the renowned Fortnite’s 14 days challenge, which is a battle royale style game. Players are accessing this game on PC, Xbox One, smartphones and Nintendo switch can participate in these daily challenges for 14 days.

If you were looking forward to having some emotes, bag skins or a new pet in Fortnite and didn’t wish to spend those precious dollars that you have saved for your festive season, then you must participate in these daily challenges to avail free seasonal rewards to enhance your in-game experience.

Fortnite has introduces 14 days challenge in their latest 7.10 update in which players will be assigned a new task every day for 14 days. If the player successfully accomplished the assigned task, they would be awarded awesome Christmas themed rewards.

What you have to watch for is you can only access each event for once only, and if you miss the event for that day, you won’t be able to participate in it ever again. That said; look forward to playing the Fortnite every day especially for these 14 days to avail the one time reward every day.

Each day brings new hope as well as new rewards such as Spray ornament, bag skins, pets to keep and loading screens to make the in-game experience much more fun and exciting.

According to the leaked images of the events and rewards, here is the list of various events and prizes associated with it for the 14 days challenge. But before that, you have to understand that these events have to be played in the regular battle royale mode and not in the playground or creative mode.

Day one

In the first challenge of Fornite players have to create, or they have to join a creative mode server which would enable them to create private battles and will let the players set the game layout according to their choice.  Once you have finished your gameplay on the creative mode, you will receive a new Spray Ornament stating “GG” (Good Game) which you can use to leave your imprint on the battlefield.

Day two

The second task for Fortnite is a little complex, in this challenge players has to head for two giant candy canes. This is a bit complex task to accomplish as there are very few of canes available in the game. To accomplish this task, you can head to the north of Frosty Flights mountaintop or look for it at the east of the hills in Shifty Shafts.

If you are successful in completing this challenge you will be granted with a new Festive Firefight loading screen, which gives a beautiful Christmas vibe.

Day three

The day three task is quite simple as you have to play three matches with your in-game friends and as you finish your third match, you will be rewarded with a new Snowball toy which you can play with or hit enemies with it during the battle royale pass.

Day four

For day four, you have to use the snowball to hit enemies in four matches to accomplish this task. If you successfully aim the target and hit the enemy, then you will be awarded a “Snowman emote” which is quite adorable.

Day five

To accomplish your task for day five, you will be required to fly the Stormwing plane through five golden rings in order to unlock a “combat wreath backbling” which is a Christmas themed backpack.

Day six

In order to receive a new “Crackshot” special loading screen, you will be required to walk along the river bank and search for six goose nests. After collecting six eggs, your reward will be unlocked.

Day seven

You are required to use seven Boogie Bombs, or you may use presents seven times in the game, and you can get access to a new gingerbread pet. The fantastic thing about it is you can carry your pet on the battlefield along with you.

There are more events ahead of us which we have to wait for a while too, but you can have a look at some of the leaks and speculations for the upcoming events.

  1. Interact with chest involves looting a chest.
  2. Destroy snowflake decoration to have a feel of winters.
  3. Dance under a Christmas tree to create a friendly environment.
  4. Use a tool in Creative mode.
  5. Damage using different weapons.
  6. Thank Bus Driver.
  7. Do tricks on a snowboard.

The above events are speculations and are yet to be released, so it is possible that there may be some variation in the actual event.

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