How To Share Outlook Calendar Within And Outside Your Organization?

Outlook allows the users to share their calendars with other people using Outlook Online. Users can share calendars with their colleagues, friends, family, and just about anyone. If you have Office 365, Exchange, or Outlook web application, then you can share your Outlook calendar. You can share your Outlook calendar with people within and outside your organization. In this post, we have provided the process of sharing Outlook calendar.

How to share a calendar with somebody within the organization?

  1. Launch Outlook and go to Calendar.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Type the username or the email ID of the individual you wish to share the calendar with.
  4. Wait for the pull-down list to come.
  5. Select the details you wish to share.
  6. You can share full or limited details.
  7. You can also change or modify the subject of the invite.
  8. Click on the Calendar which is to be shared.
  9. Now, click on send.

All receivers will get an invite with a choice to add the shared calendar and share their calendar with you.

How to share a calendar with somebody outside the organization?

  • Open the Outlook calendar and click on Share.
  • Provide the username or email ID of the people you wish to share the calendar with.
  • From the pull-down list that surfaces, decide the extent of data you need to share. As per Microsoft, full details reveal the time, subject, place, and all the other item information. Limited details reveal only the time, subject, and place.
  • You may also update the subject of the message.
  • Choose the calendar which is to be shared.
  • After that, click on Send.
  • All the receivers will get an invite with a link. By clicking on the link, they will be directed to the calendar.

Each recipient will receive an invitation with a URL that can be used to access your calendar. If the company or the company of the recipient is integrated with Exchange or Office 365, then the invite will have the option of adding the calendar and recipient will also get the option to share their calendar with the sender.

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