How to Turn iPhone Caller ID and Call Waiting Off and On

Nobody would like to see their iPhone ringing and showing “Unknown Caller” on screen. Some people prefer to keep their number private, but nobody would like to answer a call if they don’t know whose call it is. No caller ID calls are probably the worst, you can’t deny it. Each call is a frustrating experience because anyone can do this for harassing you. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who is feeling this frustration. If you are one of those callers who would prefer to withhold their phone number or you would like to re-enable it then have a look below:

Turn iPhone Caller ID Off and On

It is indeed a very simple process.

  1. Launch your iPhone settings and scroll down to “Phone.”
  2. Tap on that.
  3. On next screen, scroll down and tap on Show My Caller ID.
  4. When you tap on that, you will see a toggle option.
  5. Toggle green to turn caller ID on and toggle it off for turning it off. Changes will take place immediately.

iPhone Caller ID On and Off 

If you have enabled the caller ID feature, then your number will show up on other person’s screen when you call. If you are in their iOS phone book, your name will appear with your photo thrown in. If your caller ID is switched off, you will appear on other person’s phone as “Unknown Caller.” It is a common courtesy to have your caller ID switched on. The other person deserves to know who is calling them before they pick it up.

Call Waiting

The concept of call waiting has been around for a very long time, Probably before the invention of the smartphone. In old times, when you tried calling someone and got a busy tone, you need to keep trying for ages to get through. But with the feature of call waiting on your phone, they can be immediately notified that somebody is trying to get in touch with them. If call waiting is not enabled, you will immediately be put through to voicemail.

Enabling Call Waiting

Go to the Phone section in settings, and you will see the option of call waiting. Click on that. You can switch the feature on a doff with green toggle. Green is for switching it on and another one is to switch off. All changes will be applicable immediately.

What happens with the Call Waiting? If the call waiting is enabled and you are on a call already, you will hear a beep if someone else is trying to get through you. You can now out the current call on hold to accept the second call. Call waiting is less popular with some people because the beep can be heard by the other person you are talking to. So putting them on hold will let them know immediately that you are ditching them to take another call. This also has caused many ill- feelings among some users.

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