How to Use iPhone Camera More Efficiently?

There are many sayings in Photography, one of the best is that the best camera is probably the one you have with you most times. iPhone users are fortunate because they are blessed with a pretty impressive camera. The Simple iPhone had a candid camera. It used to take pictures but lacked many features like Zoom, Flash or Focus. The iPhone 3GS added touch feature, but some essential features like flash and zoom came in the iPhone4. Some new features like HDR photos were combined with the augmentation of iPhone 4s. Panoramic images were brought by iPhone 5. How to use the features you are interested in:

Switching the Cameras

iPad2, iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch, all the new models are having two cameras: One fronting the user and the other at the back. Both were used for taking pictures and using FaceTime. It’s easy to choose the camera you want to use. The higher resolution camera at the back is selected by default. For choosing the user-facing one, if you’re going to take a self-portrait, tap the button in the right above corner in the camera app that looks like a camera with some revolving arrows around. The image on screen will change to the one picked by the user-facing camera. Tap the button again to turn back. It works well with the iPhone 4 and the higher ones.

  • Zoom

 The camera of iPhone will not only focus on any element of the picture, But It is also possible to zoom in or zoom out. Open the app of the camera. When you want to zoom, pinch and drag to zoom in. This will zoom in the image and will reveal the slide bar with a minus on end and plus on another end. It works well with iPhone 3GS and higher.

  • Flash

 The camera of the iPhone is pretty good at picking up details of the image in low light. With the help of a flash, great low-light pictures can be taken. You will find the flash icon at the left edge of the screen.

  • Autofocus

For bringing the focus automatically to a particular area, tap on that area, and a square may appear on the screen to stipulate what part the camera is focusing on. Autofocus will itself adjust the exposure and the white balance to deliver a great looking picture.

How to use the camera step by step:

iPhone takes pictures using the application of camera icon on the Home screen. It will be located on the upper row of images on the iPhone.

  • Click on the icon of the Camera on Home screen
  • This will turn iPhone into the rough equivalent of Kodak Instamatic.
  • Keep the eyes on the display of iPhone
  • The first thing to notice on the screen will resemble a closed camera shutter. The shutter will open in some seconds, revealing the window into what a camera lens sees. The lens is hidden behind small foxhole at the above-left edge of your smartphone.
  • Aim the camera at what you want to capture
  • For finding the view, go for the brilliant 3-1/2 inch of display of your iPhone.
  • Tap the icon of the camera at the bottom of the screen to capture the picture when you are satisfied with what is there in the frame.

You may experience some shutter lag, make sure that you remain still. You see the image when the shutter reopens. The screen functions again as a viewfinder to capture the next picture.

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