Steps to Stop Getting MacOS Beta Software Updates

If you want to stop getting the beta software updates or leave the MacOS beta program on a Mac, then this is one of the fairly common occurrences for many of the Mac users who further originally joined a beta and then later downgraded. Some of the Mac users who had the beta software but now they want to be on the regular constant software update channel, or even for those also who were very curious about installing the macOS Mojave public beta but decided alongside it.

While if you have run the MacOS beta access utility, then a macOS beta profile is already installed on the Mac, this means that Mac will carry on to get the beta software updates which is pushed to it until that has been slightly changed.

Here we provide you the process which will show you how to change your Mac settings so that your system stops getting the MacOS beta system software updates.

Moreover, note that for stopping the MacOS beta software updates from appearing on the Mac is not at all the same as downgrading. Stopping the beta software updates from appearing on the Mac does not even remove any software from your system, nor does it remove the MacOS beta software, or downgrade to some different operating system. If you would like to downgrade from macOS Mojave beta then you can easily learn how to do that here, but you need to follow the process in ascending order, and it will save your much time and efforts.

Steps to Stop Getting Beta Software Updates & leave the MacOS Beta

If you finally decided that you want to leave the MacOS beta and stop getting MacOS beta software updates then here is you need to do by changing the software update settings you can easily stop getting the updates and leave the MacOS beta.

  1. Click to go to the Apple menu
  2. Click to choose the System Preferences option
  3. Now, select App Store from preference options
  4. Search for the option of App Store preferences that indicate that Your computer is set to receive beta software updates
  5. Click on the Change button
  6. A Pop-up screen will appear on the screen and then click on the Do Not Show Beta Software Updates.
  7. When it is finished, quit out the System Preferences

After the successful change have been made, currently the future beta updates to the MacOS system software will no longer show on the Mac, and instead, only the final builds of MacOS system software will appear as the software updates.

The setting assortment will not be noticeable by default on a Mac except on the beta profile was installed to start with, either through the developer beta testing programs or public beta for Mac OS.

For stopping the beta software from showing up on the Mac does not even remove the beta software. It is not relapsed by the software version or any other version, and for this, you would need to downgrade manually straight from the macOS Mojave beta to relapse a preceding MacOS release which is preserved from a backup.

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