Top 6 Office 365 Productivity Add-Ons

Microsoft Office 365 is an astonishingly robust and extensive productivity suite on its own, though with add-ons the user can pump up their Microsoft Office 365 productivity. Whether it is keeping you from launching a new application or window, automating a procedure, or ensuring that the document or email is grammatically correct, an Office 365 add-on is available to do the task. Here are six best Office 365 add-ons:

1- Translator

Even if the translation is not an everyday task the function to just highlight text and automatically get it translated to or from approximately 50 global languages is just astounding and remarkably simpler than copying and pasting text into a new application, website or online service. This Translator add-on depends on the sturdy Translator online service by Microsoft for the translations. Recommended translations can readily be altered before entering them into the file, and in the case of various possible interpretations of the text, all variants will be presented.

2- Search the Web

Starting up a new window to do a web search might not take a long time. However, it is distracting. Search the Web is a feature which lets the user perform a regular Google web search and Google Image search within a pane in any of the Office 365 applications. You can get the required search solution or image which you need with this tool and get back to work within moments.

3- Find Time

Attempting to schedule meetings has the potential of being one of the most frustrating as well as time taking tasks in any business or office environment. Even though FindTime cannot automate this process entirely, it will surely save the user from going back and forth endlessly. At first, this tool finds open spaces in the schedules of all the participants and then it offers the user with the options. After this, the user can choose multiple times and set them to a vote amongst the participants. When adequate ballots get tallied for a particular time, then the meeting gets scheduled automatically.

4- DocuSign for Outlook

DocuSign is one of the most successful solutions for electronic signature on the planet and with this add-on tool, or the Word equivalent one can safely sign a file themselves or get a receiver to sign it securely. One also has the alternative for automatically saving all of the signed documents to MS OneDrive. A free trial for DocuSign for a period of ten days is available to examine this service, and its monthly subscriptions begin at $10 for a month.

5- Pexels

Do you want to embellish that document or presentation with stunning images without searching on the web for hours? Pexels allows the user to quickly look for professional stock pictures and immediately adds them to the document. All of these images come under a Creative Commons Zero license. Therefore, it means that the user can use them for any lawful purpose without requiring any attribution. You can further speed up the method if you use the favorite images gallery or save your favorites to use in the future.

6- Grammarly

Grammarly is a matchless proofreading mechanism which will assist in enhancing your writing, whether it is a plain mail or a full-blown formal report. The Grammarly add-on works in Microsoft Word and Outlook to make your writing crisp and more succinct with the help of over  250 grammar and spelling checkers, vocabulary recommendations, writing style advice and it even comes with a plagiarism detector.

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