QuickLook for Windows 10 brings a Mac Preview Feature to PCs

Recently, the Microsoft has solved an enormous problem of Windows 10 users, generally, those who were largely devoted to the MacOS. The tech giant has commenced a free utility which brings the most extensively used Mac feature to the Windows 10 PCs. The QuickLook is free to download the application on the Microsoft store which makes it possible to preview most of the file types from the File Explorer on Windows 10 powered PCs.

The feature works like the widely used macOS Quick Look feature. Users can press the enter button to open the default application or can also choose a different application to open the file. The application will bring the fast spacebar to preview of the solution to the Windows 10 platform and which directly comes with the support of multiple file types. There is also HiDPI support by which you can preview directly from 3rd-party file managers. One of the finest parts about this application is that it will remain free for the lifetime since the Microsoft’s official store page underlines about strict GPL license policies.

Whereas the application is quite straightforward and lacks customization features; however, it does support the ctrl+ mouse wheel to zoom in on the PDFs and documents. As per the report, users can easily close the preview by pressing the escape button or easily move to the next document by pressing the up/down keys option.

The Microsoft official store page reads the latest update of QuickLook application which is a slight update from version 0.3.4 and 0.3.3 and also previewing MS Office files which might crash QuickLook. Users can also try some other app called as Seer; however, the company fails to deliver the same seamless and smooth experience of previewing files from within the file explorer. Sometimes, the QuickLook application can be of much greater use, if you are a power user and need any tool on the Windows 10 PCs to provide some snappy file browsing and also previewing from within file explorer.

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